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You must never put a pair of shoes on a table; if you do you will get bad luck.

A pregnant woman mustn’t wear new shoes; if she does she will be putting herself or her baby in a coffin. If someone wears the shoes first for her it won’t be a problem.

You mustn’t cut a child’s hair until they reach their second birthday.

Never wash a blanket in May because you will be washing away your family.

Never put the colours red and white together when arranging flowers as it resembles blood and guts and can only bring bad luck.

It was considered unlucky for a woman to give birth to a baby if she hadn’t had her ears pierced.

Finger nails must not be cut on a Sunday as it brings bad luck.

It brings bad luck if you burn bread or flour.

A Gypsy woman would not be allowed to walk over anything that a man would later eat or drink.

It is considered unlucky to call a certain large rodent (rat) by its proper name, if it’s name is accidently mentioned you should say Beng, Beng, Beng, Beng (devil) to dilute the bad luck.

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