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Pot of Shackles

Adjust the quantities to suit your personal taste and the amount of people you are feeding



Pheasant or whatever meat you have available
Split Peas (Soak overnight)
Lentils (Soak overnight)
Swede (Chopped)
Carrots (Chopped)
Parsnips (Chopped)
Turnips (Chopped)
Potatoes  (Chopped)
3-4 Packets of any soup mix


Lard or suet


  • Half fill a large cooking pot with water
  • Add prepared meat, onions, split peas and lentils
  • Cook until the meat is cooked through
  • Add all the vegetables and continue cooking until vegetables are ready
  • Add soup powder and mix well
  • Mix flour and fat with a little water and make into balls using floured hands
  • Float dumplings on top of meal and continue cooking for 15 – 20 minutes


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