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Tales of the Old Gypsies by Jennifer Davies

(David & Charles) First published in 1999

This book offers an insight into the life of the traditional Gypsy.

Domengro: Man of the Road by Sven Berlin

Publisher: Harper Collins Distribution Services (24 May 1971)

Smoke in the Lanes by Dominic Reeve

Published by Phoenix House, London

Informative reading for anyone who wishes to know more about the Roma way of life and heritage.

Travelling On by Dominic Reeve

Published by Phoenix House, London

Describes a travelling life over a short winter period

Beneath the Blue Sky by Dominic Reeve

Five Leaves Publications (18 May 2007)

40 years after his last book the author brings the reader 'up to date' with the lifestyle of British Romany Travellers.

Romani Culture and Gypsy Identity by T.A. Acton and Garry Mundy

University of Hertfordshire Press (4 April 1998)

This book provides an account of Gypsy culture, art and music together with accounts of changes in education, health and religion, illustrations of painted traditional caravans, songs and extracts from musical scores.

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