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Wanderers in the New Forest

Author:Juliette Bairacli Levy
(Faber Paperbacks) First published in 1958, now out of print.
This book tells of the three years Juliette spent in a small cottage at Abbots Well in the New Forest.

Romany Nevi-Wesh

Author:Len Smith
(Nova Foresta Publishing) First published in 2004
This book traces the origins of the New Forest Gypsies who settled in the New Forest.

The Romany Way

Author:Irene Soper
(Ex Libris Press) First published 1994, now out of print.
The author shares what she has learnt from the Gypsies and Travellers that she has shared friendships with whilst living in her cottage in the New Forest.

Gypsies of Britain

Author:Brian Vessey-FitzGerald
(David and Charles (Holdings) Ltd.)
First published in the 1940’s now out of print.
This book deals with the ways of life of the English Gypsy and is extremely informative.

The New Forest

Author:Various contributions
(Galley Press) First published in 1960 now out of print.
This book has a very interesting chapter written by Juanita Casey about the Gypsies of the New Forest.

Romany Life

Author:Frank Cuttriss
(Mills and Boon Ltd.,) First published in 1915
This book offers an insight into the life of the traditional Gypsy.

Romany Jib

Author:James Hayward
Publisher: Holm Oak Publishing (2003)
A Romany Dictionary

A Better Road

Published by Derbyshire County Council (2003)
An Informative booklet for Healthcare and other professionals.

Thorney Hill, This, That & T’ Other

Author:M.W. Penfold
Printed 1991
Life in Thorney Hill.

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